Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Adventure Begins

The hood was the prequel in the grande adventure you are about to begin . I say this to my self as well as whom ever may read this. So now to begin where my journey starts. I was born on 17 March, 1971 at 11:58 pm in Ireland. I was the 25th child. As it is told I may have been trouble from day 1. Labor and Delivery were on 2 different floors and our dear Da in his haste to see the baby with eyes the colour of Guinness after the settle tripped and broke his nose. I was born with deep brown eyes with coppers flecks. Out of 26 children I am the only child with brown eyes. But those eyes brought a family back together. You see my mother came from a very privileged family and my Da, well hard working, fun loving, and adventurous people. When our Mam married below her class , she was cut off financially. Funny thing growing up I never knew we were poor. I guess when there is that much love in a home, material things go unnoticed.

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  1. My heart-sister! We are twins as my eyes, too are brown. My Mum of one faith married my father of another adn my maternal grandfather allowed no one to attend the wedding. Not till I was born did he say... "ok, maybe that man isn't so bad."

    The power of love and wee ones, eh?!