Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Value of Family

Before anything in this cape the value of family is expressed, and it starts at the neck and shoulder. What seems to be aggravating nupps now turn into trees two of them , each representing the two sides of the family that make me. On the left is my Mam, she was beautiful, her spirit lives in all of us. The fact that she walked away from never needing anything for love shows her strength. She was a fighter especially for her children. she would never let us go into battle alone, we knew if we were right she was behind us and if we were wrong she was there to pick us back up and feel better about ones-self. But that was nothing compared to the love she felt for the man we called Da . Then the other tree represents Da and the fact they he never let us settle. Always encouraged us to do our best, and loved her as deeply as any "movie" love has ever been shown. From him we get the duty, honour and fight to do what is right no matter the difficulty. From her we get compassion, the ability to be colour blind when it comes to people and the protectiveness we all show to those we love.

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