Sunday, February 20, 2011

If I only had a brain............................................................

I have a brain and can prove it , I know this as they found cancer in it today. So there ya go boyo's the baby sister does have a brain........LOL. Having heard the news, digested it , and decided no way in hell would I let this beat me, I let my brain reflect. Athair Críonna, or Great Grandfather. I remember him. He was a man of few words. But he told the stories of old. I have a photo of him in Dublin with guns drawn, many would say that is not a photo for children to see, for me it is an example. How many give up when the going gets a bit hard? They never did , was not in their souls, had it been I would not be who I am. He was a funny man, most thought him gruff, not me . I remember we had all went to dinner at their home on a Saturday. I found a kitten in the rain in the stone wall and I brought that little wet skinny kitten in. I was near 7 at the time. I went in the press and pulled a towel to dry it off. My mam came around and the look on her face told me I was in trouble. I had pulled a fine linen towel out unknowingly. She started to fuss at me and I felt these large hands on my shoulders. I can still hear him say"does not a bit of good just looking pretty in a press, now leave her be and i will handle this". I looked up and he told me don't just be sitting there lets go get some milk from the cows, he'll be needing it. I learned how to milk a cow that day. I also learned that loves is shown in actions at times instead of words. This man who fought long side of Michael Collins and the others found a wee girl important. He got older and didn't shave as much and the other girls wouldn't want to give him a hug due to his bristles, not me he taught me things of importance, he taught me that even in hard moments your actions are stronger than your words. So this next design which is just an option is for him.


  1. '... baby sister does have a brain'... and the biggest heart for that is where your designs originate. From your heart to bring honour...

  2. Meagheen, just sending you all my best wishes. I'm still gobsmacked after reading what you are going through. Please remember the importance of laughter, deep whole hearted belly laughter. It's excellent medicine.

    I lost my oldest son to AML last year after doing a year's battle. I know all too well the courage and determination it takes for this fight. It's obvious you have what it takes! Hang in there.

    Angela (from Sock Madness)