Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So far I have designed most of the accessories to go with the cape, now for the kilt hose. These are the hardest, I cry with each stitch. Does it ever get easier. My Da. Sean Padraig Ryan was a dichotomy. He was all man, he never finished his senior levels but mandated all his children to get a degree. He had a gift for engines, fast, high performance race engines. He loved our Mam with a passion few people ever see, much yet are lucky enough to experience. He loved our Country equally. He also loved his children. He had no problem with slagging us, playing with us , mentoring us and teaching us. From him we learned the value of an honest days work, wicked senses of humour and that real men do cry. But for me, he was my best friend. He taught me life lessons every day, he encouraged my need to test myself, when I wanted to do boyish things , flying , aerospace engineering, he was right there behind me. When I started blowing glass my Da built the glass house I still use today in Ireland. But more important when I found my true calling in medicine , He never said but Meggie what about the other degrees you have. He had a tenderness that was inspiring, when each of his daughters was born he dedicated a song to them, old standards, "A kiss to build a dream on" by Loius Armstrong was mine, and he danced with his daughters to their song. If a girl could get a message to God before her birth on what type of Da they wanted, I would not have asked for a thing more except longer time with him.


  1. Oh, my! What a wonderful legacy he left. Surely his sons have an example to follow. Thank you, Meggie, for sharing this amazing, inspiring journey with us.

  2. But the time shared was grand... and lessons learned are being passed onto the next generation... xx