Friday, January 28, 2011

I have to begin, before I lose the courage to tell the story. I guess the first part should be about the half of me that is gone. I was born a twin. Her name was Micheala, she was feminine , giggly, she could burn water, and she died too young. We were two halves of a whole. Where she was feminine, I was a tomboy, where she was designer's favourite customer, my designer was L.L.Bean, Some may have thought her shallow, they should have gotten to know her. When they did they saw a woman whose children were her reason for being. Motherhood was so natural for her. She had such hidden dignity. The first thing I design has to be about her or us. The fact that I can still hear her laugh. The fact that even though we were polar opposites, I could finish her sentences and we had twin speak till the very end. I am raising her children now, I am not sure I am doing it the same way she would , I am doing my best. I look at Moira and I see Micheala, the giggle , the love of pink. I wonder if she is watching and what she thinks. Ok Mickey the first part will be about you , about our hearts even when separated by death are part of each other. And Mickey, I still have not figured out which comes first the chicken or the egg.

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