Friday, January 28, 2011

What can one do to to leave their story for future generations? What if your story involves the freedom of a country? How does one tell this in a manner that people will understand that these are not just mere words, this is my life, the most personal parts of me. The fact that many of your family would and was considered terrorists because they fought for Ireland's freedom. I think I just tell my story through stitches. This will start the journey of a Celtic cape. By the time I am finished, my soul will be bare to the world. But my story will be told and perhaps in hearing my words others will tell theirs. And when I have finished the cape my children will know their heritage, their mothers homeland and most of all their legacy. I can hear you Da, "Take the hill less travelled". I think this may be a mountain. Here's a pint to you Da, Give Mam a hug for me, I miss you both so much. The pain has not got any less. I will tell your story too. The story of a love so great that none of us could settle for less.


  1. And so it begins for all of us...thank you for letting so many of us follow you on this journey.