Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Boxes

There should be two ways to make the hood, one the typical little red riding hood style and one more fitted. They should each be classic on their own , But what story do I tell? Little boxes.... Mam... I have to tell about our boxes, the silly little pressies she put under our plate. I still don't know how she found half of the things. How did you do that Mam? How did you find the one little pressie that fit you child's personality? And the countless other little things. The Pez container, I know Aunt Kay must have shipped it from the states. I remember it so well, and I was the only one with one. I wonder if you know how special that made me feel. I write this like you are reading it. You probably are. So one hood will have boxes for you. The other will be plain with a special band in the back. Thanks Mam , you have inspired me again.

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