Sunday, January 30, 2011

The hood every story has a beginning as does every knitting project. The hood is my beginning so I think the last part of it should be about the two people who with out a beginning I would not exist. My Da said he fell in love with our Mam at first site. He walked into a pub and she was at a table with family and he was gobsmacked. This son from the Aran Islands , this son of Ireland who was the third generation fighting for the rights of the people saw a high society girl and lost his heart in her smile. I asked him once how he knew he was in love with her and said he couldn't breathe with out her. He walked over to the table when she was by herself and told her he was going to marry her. She blushed and laughed and she had him then and there for the rest of their lives. They married less than 6 months later and Mam was promptly disowned. I asked her once if she ever regretted leaving her life for the one she started with and she said not for one moment. The back of this hood is them, two hearts entwined for life so connected , that my Da died one year to the day after my Mam of a broken heart. The hearts don't work , sure it is kitchy and everyone will get it but tis not them, they are my angels so that is what they shall be........

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  1. Im going to need a lot of big boxes--of kleenex-- im thinking, it so makes me think of another beginning, but not with such a long term devotion to follow! I am going tolove following ou on this path.